Friday, May 31, 2013

Manga update

I got another small update today when I recieved my Sailor Moon Manga Vol. 7, which of course features Uranus. :3 I don't have pics but I'm sure you all already own it!! :D

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cards! and I finally finished my Y!JP spree. I think...

So somehow I ended up venturing into card territory. I don't usually collect cards for characters because there's often limited ones and far too many to count, but I just decided to snag these for now. I have another small batch on the way, too. I'm still working out what they are, but I think these may be the "soft prisms" I read about once.

Anyway, the pics! The bottom right one isn't a legit card, just a laminated photo. I think.

Also with my Yahoo Japan spree, I've gained the Uranus Hoop Keychain today. Right now I have no other pending orders except my Excellent Model before I can ship it all to me. However, I will give one last looksee before I decide to quit this time. :D I was kinda sad, seeing a Neptune Talisman for 700,000 Yen :( But it seems the Talismans and Lip Rods will run me around $700 each if I'm lucky. I don't have that kind of cash right now, sadly! :p Luckily, I don't really care for the Uranus Talisman. It's really too small to make any sense like the other 2. A full sized replica? Yeah, then we'll talk. :D

Oh, and PowerAnime finally got back to me. They're very nice once you get in contact with them! They have the rest of the GE merchandise set aside for me, so now I'm not missing anything except 1 shirt. :D Yay!! I can't wait.

Friday, May 24, 2013

More exciting collection updates!

First off, while having a tough time at work very early this morning, I found out I won this! I love figures with weapons and so Uranus with her wand was too cute to resist. I absolutely love this one from just seeing the pictures, even more than the dolls. I can't wait to get her here with her family! XD

After a long 9 hour shift, I came home to these!

Uranus fits so nicely on our futon. I snagged the 6" Irwin doll off of Bonanza for $35. I'm unboxing her though, because I'm getting the yellow ones CIB. The MINT box, only opened once by me, will be availible in my trades page. But back to the doll, I love that it easily holds both weapons. Simply awesome! I can even say I prefer her to the 11.5" version!

Sorry for the blurry photos. I'm taking them with my Vita since its the fastest option for uploading.. all wireless!

Here's how the lower half of my collection looks now. I had to make Dream Pocket Uranus a zombie because she has no stand and its next to impossible for her to stand up on her own. I'm in the process of finding something. Also, I don't have anywhere to put the Petit Soldier, so she's out on top for the time being, but she's going in a plastic doll case later this evening.

I'll keep you guys posted, although I probably won't obtain much more until my FromJapan package arrives, but I still have 2 auctions to go.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Excellent M, updated Wish List

Late last night (because I have no life) I found the Excellent M figure of Sailor Uranus on Rakuten. I bought her, so here's hoping she shows up at FromJapan!

The listing says she has her stand, so I assume she has no box, but I believe she doesn't come with anything else, except a numbered name plate, but I'm willing to let that go until I can get one at a decent price CIB. 

In the end I paid 2619 Yen, which with the awesome conversion rate, is around $26 USD before some shipping and later fees. I think this is great for the condition she's in.

I've also added a few items to a new section on my wish list "Other Sailor Moon Wish List". They include one of the GE keychains and StarS vol. 1 and 2 (Tokyopop manga). 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Small update

Sharing another small update as more items trickle in.

I updated my collection and wish list pages as well as added a For Trade page. I also updated the Tips page with more sites and info.

I got these 2 in the mail this morning. My post office lady was so happy she didn't have to go up 3 flights anymore since we moved. :3

The large object on the left I got for $5.00 from Michaels. It's gonna make an awesome Lip Rod!

Once again the figure on the right is sealed... I'm debating deboxing all of my dolls but keeping them complete because I just got some shadow boxes from Michaels since they were 40% off. One was on Clearance. I'm super stoked to set it all up and show it to you, so I'll be updating this post tonight when it's all set up!


Left to Right: Sailor Team, Petit Soldier, Sailor Moon World, Dream Pocket, Irwin 2001 11"; Top: Sitting Shelf Plush, Keychain Plush, Card

Left to right, top to bottom: Romantic Heroine, Irwin Adventure Mini w/her Crescent Moon Wand, a card, a candy figure, Irwin keychain, Rooted Hair SD figure, and the Omake figure with space sword

Monday, May 20, 2013

Some finds on 5.20.13!

So, seeing as some of the Sailor Uranus merch is already becoming difficult to find, I went to my local Hot Topic to find this particular shirt... luckily not only was it on sale, but they had one in 2X (which is nice, considering its a Junior size IIRC) and I'm not exactly super thin. (Inspiration to work out!)

I was extremely glad to find it because online didn't have my size and it isn't even on HT right now.
I'm currently tracking down the wallscroll, pin, and keychain...

Also, while browsing Goodwill, I decided to get this for .70 and make a custom Talisman:
So all in all, a good day for finds. Still watching quite a few auctions, though!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My experience so far!

I copied my own article from here, to share with all of you!

I also wanted to give a shout out to my best friend Samus for adding her Uranus Irwin 12" doll to my collection. She's in good shape for a childhood toy, complete except for her stand. I am beyond thrilled! I really feel I was meant to own Uranus stuff. ^^


I don't usually write here but I really wanted to just share my experiences collecting Sailor Moon over the past 6 months.

My main collections are Sailor Uranus and the infamous Saturn. Both have outrageous prices for some of their merchandise (especially Saturn), but if you're patient and dilligent good deals pop up even now adays.

I don't want to know how much I've spent this past week thanks to a bonus check from work... but let's just say it looks stupid from anyone else's POV, close to a few hundred.

Here is my site with a collection and wishlist: (ext link)

The collection details when an item was purchased and for how much as well as details about the item.

My wish list isn't as detailed...

My best deals required me to ask around unusual places (Sailormoonforums, Serasell (now Sailormooncollectors) on Livejournal, Ebay, Yahoo Japan, and a new forum I discovered The Galaxia Cauldron, which is like a smaller SailorMoonForums.

Some of the best deals were:
Sailor Uranus Sailor Moon World (SMW) Doll for only $15. That was with shipping and after I purchased 3 figures including her for $45 shipped. I was so proud to get her at a good price. She's going to be a beautiful doll.

I shortly thereafter got a Dream Pocket Doll off Ebay for $48, which isn't too bad although it's about average. Current listings are closer to $80 something before shipping, though.

My most favorite deal wasn't even on Ebay or LJ or in the US. It was on Mandarake. Most figure collectors know of Mandarake because they offer fair prices based on condition and reliable service. I was desperately seeking Uranus stuff to no avail when I saw Sailor Saturn. Her Dream Pocket.

I mention on my website that usually all I hear about are Dream Pocket Dolls. They're super cute and the same molds as the SMW dolls. I can see why they're worth it!

Usually anything Sailor Saturn will for sure fetch you $150 for her larger items... for smaller stuff like keychains, I would say $30 is the norm. Mandarake had her Dream Pocket for $80 (well, 8,000 yen which is $80.95 according to my converter) before shipping. I have seen a few of her sell at that price among private sales among collectors but not on auction sites.

In fact, let me express my sadness to discover even some things like Uranus' Dream Pocket had starting bids of 130,00 Yen... And the next thing I'm about to tell you I understand but it still just makes me mad! A twin set of lip rods for 200,000 yen. That's not a typo, it's a starting bid. Albiet they were new, only opened to check for contents... but still! I hope I can spend something like $400 for one lip rod rather than the $700+ I see everywhere.

Nonetheless, I am waiting to hear back from Mandarake. Everything looks good so far!

I hope this post helped some of you or was just an entertaining read. If you need help collecting Uranus Merchandise, please check out my website linked above! It's not only a gallery, it's a resource for those on the endless hunt for Sailor Moon Merchandise.

Let's hope with the new anime we see lots more of new merchandise! GE / Hot Topic have already put out some merchandise... so get it while you can. Prices will only go up!

Monday, May 13, 2013

5.13.13 - Updates

I've posted a Contact Page, Tips, and updated my Wish List and Collection.

If you have anything Uranus to sell, drop me a line.

If you want to share your Uranus collection, drop me a line for that, too!

Thanks for visiting and feel free to email me with questions or feedback about the site!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Premiere - 5.8.13

Hi all,
I've started this site mostly for personal reference, but I hope it will help any future Uranus collectors, too.

Feel free to take a look around and comment! Also, if you're selling anything on my Wish List, just email me or comment!