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::About Me::
I'm just a recent Moonie (2012) and my collection started after hunting down the ADV uncut sets. I didn't decide to collect Uranus until recently, mostly because she was the only scout I could really relate to in some way. I'm not a particularly girly person.
I love to draw, write, watch anime, and play JRPGs. However, I also love prime time dramas and other niche movies and games.
I collect a variety of things, some of my most complete collections involve Yamato / Gabumon (Digimon) and Aerith (Final Fantasy VII).

If you would like to contact me either for the purpose of selling me an item, trading an item for something on my Availible List, or submitting your collection, email me at: killerandthepyro AT gmail DOT com

Submitting a Collection / Rules
Your image must be either JPEG or PNG. No GIFS, fan art.

Submit links to your own gallery ONLY. I will then save your image and reupload it here for you. I won't hotlink and I won't download from a page or attatchment.

Custom merchandise must NOT be the bulk of your collection.

Please include a handle (username) and a little bit about your collection! You can include a contact email or link to your own collection site if you wish. I can just link back to your site instead of posting a single image, too. 

Do NOT contact me asking to purchase items listed under Collection or Wish List. They are not for sale or I don't even own them. Try my Tips Page for more info on improving your collection.

Also, if you would like to simply affiliate with us, please use our button below:

Let us know that you've linked us and we'll link you back at the top of our main page!

You're using my image without my permission!!! Take it down!!! 
No need to yell. :) Just drop me a note and I'll promptly remove it.

I have some Uranus items for sale / other Sailor Moon merchandise for sale? Can I share it here? 
I'm not an advertisement for sales other than my own, sorry.
However, if you'd like to discuss a sale with me personally, following the same rules as above, then I'll be happy to take a look.

Thank you for visiting!

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